If you are not moved by the content of this documentary, check your pulse to see if you are alive

And now here's something that offer respite from the depressing Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic reports and hope for humanity.

How is it possible not to have heard the name Albeiro Vargas before now?

That's the question I've been asking MYSELF all week. If the name is also new to you, don't be disappointed; it's one that slipped through the net.

If you are one of those people who walked around with your eyes open, saw what's happening in the world and was on the precipice of losing faith in humanity, there's a family documentary called "The Little Angel of Colombia" that will help restore it within its 50-minutes - guaranteed!

It is the fascinating true story of Albeiro Vargas, a God-sent remarkable nine-year old boy, who comes from Bucaramanga, a remote poor village in Colombia, South America.

Albeiro is Awesome - with a capital 'A'. A blessing to the human race and gifted with rare and remarkable qualities most of us have, but don't use.

It's difficult to write about this boy in fear it would create a world shortage of adjectives, but I think the world should know about Albeiro and his humanitarian exploits, so I'm going to risk it cautiously. All you need to remember is that he deserves much more.

Compassion personified

Albeiro is compassion personified and his kind-heartedness comes gift-wrapped in a loving award-winning smile. His wisdom is jaw dropping and far beyond his pre-teen years. It oozes naturally from every pore of his skin as he performs the work his huge heart dictates.

Attending to the elderly, lonely, sick, invalid, poor and distressed - often a combination of all - is not where you will find most children, but it's the saintly path he chose, or the one that chose him.

Sadly, most societies, irrespective of their religious practices, ignores, casts aside, and chooses to forget these frail once salt-of-the-earth human beings, but not young unique Albeiro.

Many people nowadays find being in the company of the elderly repulsive. Even some so-called 'loving' relatives refuse to give them a hug, a kiss, or to hold their hand, but not Albeiro. His angelic actions put most of the world to shame and set an extraordinary example for all to follow.

His abilities to hustle, organize, and get things done entirely for the benefit of his elderly "family" are also exceptional. His understanding of human nature, never taking 'no' for an answer and his magnetic attraction to helping the helpless is divinity orchestrated.

Albeiro's unconditional service to mankind is unquestionably without peers. Without doubt, Albeiro is a one-off. God broke the mould after his birth and he's the boy we should have all been.


Albeiro's story is awe-inspiring, heart-warming, and will take you on a beautiful eye opening, conscience-pricking journey travelled by few. Be warned, tears are optional.

This boy with an absolutely delightful personality and wonderful nature is not only performing magnificent humanitarian work himself, but he's surrounding himself with like-minded friends of his own age, with similar beliefs and immeasurable kind-heartedness. His apostles?

Albeiro proves an individual can bring about change entirely on his own. There is no need to surround yourself with an organization to get things done. As the saying goes, 'where there is will; there's away'. There is always something an individual can do to make living more worthwhile and fulfilling for themselves and others if they rid themselves of excuses.

The true definition of love is giving and not expecting anything in return; not even a 'thank you'. Albeiro is love personified. He expects nothing, but gives all to the old folk his heart can give.

Do yourself a favour and not only watch "The Little Angel of Colombia" yourself, but get your family and friends to watch it... share it... pass on the link. This is an extraordinary documentary that the entire world should see over and over and over again. And if you are not moved by the content of this documentary, check your pulse to see if you are alive.

It will be a life-changing experience for you and give you hope.

My congratulations and sincere best wishes go to Albeiro Vargas and his little angel friends and to the people who made this mind-blowing documentary.

Sir Frank Peters is a former newspaper and magazine publisher and editor, an award-winning writer, an humanitarian, foreign friend of Bangladesh, and a royal goodwill ambassador.

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