I take this opportunity to congratulate my friend and colleague, with whom I founded WildTeam, upon his being the recipient of the Jatiya Poribesh Padak 2021.

Enam Ul Haque, Founder, Bangladesh Bird Club and Chairman, WildTeam, an airman turned birder, has been awarded the Jatiya Poribesh Padak 2021 (National Environment Medal 2021). It was handed over to him on the occasion of the World Environment Day. Honourable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, joined the Environment Day celebration programme from her office online. Enam was awarded this in recognition of his outstanding contribution towards environment related education and awareness.

Enam is the recipient of Dwijen Sharma Nishorgo Award by City Bank-Tarupallab, 2021, Biggan-shahitta Puraskar (Science-literature Award) by Bangla Academy, 2021, Bangabandhu Award for Wildlife Conservation by Government of Bangladesh, 2018, Honorary Fellowship of the Zoological Society of Bangladesh, 2016, Nature Conservation Award by POJ Foundation and Channel-i, 2013, Commendation for Contribution in Social Sector by RAOWA, 2008, Vocational Excellence in Environment by Rotary Club Dhaka South, 2005, Bird Conservation Award by Jahangirnagar University, 2005, Best Newspaper Article on Nature Conservation Award by FEJB, 2000, and Certificate of Merit, Nature-Photo Contest, by Salim Ali Centenary Committee, Mumbai, 1996.

Enam founded two more organisations: Bangladesh Bird Club (BBC) in 1996, and Bangla Mountaineering and Trekking Club (BMTC) in 2000. His memorable expeditions and tours are Antarctic Peninsula and Falkland tour, two weeks, 1997, Everest Base Camp Trekking expedition, two weeks, 2004, North Pole Marathon completed, 8 April 2007, Madagascar tour, two weeks, 2017, and Great Rift Valley tour, two weeks, 2018.

Although Enam retired as a Wing Commander of Bangladesh Air Force in 1996, and did his MBA from IBA, Dhaka University, and Diploma in Communication-Electronics Engineering from USAF, USA, he loves to read and write on birds. He has many scientific articles and books to his credit. He authored Ruposhi Banglar Pakhi in 2021, Bengoma Bengomir Moto Koto Pakhi in 2018, Field guide to the Birds of Bangladesh in 2015, Pakhider Shukhdukher Kotha, published by Bangla Academy, in 2015, Feathered Splendors, Birds of Bangladesh, published by University Press Limited, in 2013, Pakhidero Ache Naki Mon, published by Bangladesh Bird Club, in 2013 and Innocent Bangladesh, published by Cosmos Printing and Publications, in 2004. He co-edited the Bay of Bengal, authored by me and published by WildTeam and Cosmos Books, in 2019. His other edited/co-edited books include Red List of Bangladesh, Volume 3: Birds (lead assessor) published by IUCN Bangladesh, 2015, Environment of Capital Dhaka (coauthor) published by Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 2010, Bangladesh Udvid O Prani Gyankosh Vol-26 (coeditor) published by Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 2009, and Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh Vol-26 (coeditor) by Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 2007.

In addition to his air force job, Enam's past work includes Wildlife Advisory Board (member), Government of Bangladesh, GQ Industries Ltd. (Managing Director), BRAC (Rural Development Program) (Program Head), and Sena Kalyan Sangstha (Director of Marketing).

His weekly column titled Haque's Eye View in English daily The Business Standard since January 2021, the weekly Dhaka Courier since July 2021, has been very popular among the readers.

Following are a few critical comments on Enam:

"Of the people I have known who never retired from pursuing the passion of bird-watching, one was my teacher Professor Salim Ali, the celebrated ornithologist of India; and the other is Enam Ul Haque, the famous bird-watcher of Bangladesh. Both of them travelled to far-off places in search of birds and studied their nature and habitat; both have become institutions and sources of inspiration for many. Enam Ul Haque has given much of his life in nursing Bangladesh Bird Club, as Salim Ali did for Bombay Natural History Society. Like Professor Ali, Enam Ul Haque is widely known for devoting an entire life to the conservation of wildlife, and sharing generously with others the recognition he received for it. Also like him, Enam has an outstanding ability to write lucid narratives on dull and difficult topics. I am privileged to be his team-mate at the WildTeam."

Dr. Md. Anwarul Islam

Chief Executive, WildTeam

Professor and Chairman, Department of Zoology

Director, Biotechnology Research Centre

University of Dhaka


"Enam Ul Haque has so far been known as a nature-photographer. All his four photography exhibitions in the past four years dealt with nature. In 1998, Bangladesh National Museum organized a 4-week long exhibition titled 'Birds of Bangladesh' which earned him great public acclaim. In this exhibition, Enam's photography has attained a new dimension by incorporating innovative language and new subject. He is exhibiting here, for the first time, the photographs of fellow human beings... This is indeed, a major turning point in the career of an artist famed as a nature-photographer."

Shamsuzzaman Khan

Director General, Bangladesh National Museum (Feb 2001)

"In Bangladesh, I like Naibuddin, Anwarul Haque, and the newcomers Anwar Hossain and Enam Ul Haque with his nature studies."

Dr. Noazesh Ahmed

Photographer, Author (The Daily Star, 30 Nov 2001)

"Enam Ul Haque not only wields his hours to the iridescent world of birds, but fills his soul with nature itself. The artist in him has captured in celluloid an amazing array of images to share with us. He has presented to the art lovers of this country a tapestry of magnificent vistas of half-known and unknown worlds".

Shamsur Rahman

Poet (Nov 1997)

"Enam Ul Haque had already given us a spiritual experience in Nature's beauty... Now his exposition of birds is a rare treat. The birds soar or wing across the landscape, or hide in the sanctum of leaves. Sometimes it plummets swiftly on its prey, and sometimes perches thoughtfully and ruminates...Frame after frame beautiful compositions emerge. In one, a bird is framed by three or four twigs as if arranged by Nature's hand. Enam is endowed with a gifted eye to look at the unique, fascinating world of birds."

Sayeed Ahmed

Playwright, Art Critic (Jun 1998)

"Enam's love for bird and nature has led him to frame the winged beauty of nature in their unspoiled grace... Art and ornithology are tied in a happy marriage in his photography."

Ziaul Karim

Journalist, Art Critic (The Daily Star, 25 Dec 1998)

"Enam's photographs bring in the beauty of unspoiled nature for city dwellers starved of the sight of hills, dales, rivers, lakes, trees and wildlife. They capture the beauty of untouched areas of nature for generations to come."

Fayza Haq

Columnist, Art Critic (The Daily Star, 6 Mar 1998)

Born in Kushtia on 15 August 1945, Enam looks younger than his age. The country expects much more from him.

The author is founder of WildTeam, and Editor-in-Chief of United News of Bangladesh (UNB) and Dhaka Courier.

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