The entertainment industry of Bangladesh has been buzzing since the announcement of Shakib Khan's upcoming Film Rajkumar. The most exciting news about Rajkumar film is that an American actress stars opposite Shakib Khan. It is really a matter of excitement for the fans of the popular Bangladeshi film star Shakib Khan. This Dhaliwood superstar shared the good news with his fans on March 28, 2022, on his 43rd birthday. Before getting on the production stage, the mass media was flooded with pictures of Rajkumar stars. Let's get to know the most talked-about American actress as well as this upcoming movie.

Rajkumar and Storyteller Himel Ashraf

Himel Ashraf, a young director from Bangladesh, was the writer of the Rajkumar film. The scripting task was started during the quarantine period in America due to the Corona pandemic in 2020.

After meeting Shakib Khan in America in November 2021, Ashraf raised the issue of Rajkumar in the midst of various discussions. The Dhaliwood hero heard the whole story and got spellbound. As Shakib Khan liked the story, he gave an immediate response. And the star expressed his wish to make a movie with this story.

Ashraf, the surprised author, initially thought that maybe hero Shakib Khan's interest in the film was a result of temporary excitement, and he would eventually forget the matter soon. But it didn't happen.

Hero Shakib Khan is determined about making the film. From that day to till today, Shakib's excitement about the story has never reduced. What's more, as a producer Shakib is providing great cooperation to the writer Ashraf to make this movie better. Thus, Himel Ashraf's story 'Rajkumar' based on dialogues found its way to the silver screen. Apart from this, Director Ashraf has kept a lot of secrecy regarding the story of the film.

Producers of the Film Rajkumar

The movie Rajkumar will be produced under the banner of Shakib Khan's film production company SK (Shakib Khan) Films. Zakaria Masood Ziko, editor, and publisher of Aajkal, a New York-based newspaper, has been associated with the film as a producer. Kazi Riton, an American expatriate, has also been involved as a co-producer of this movie. Shakib Khan is stepping into the international arena through this Cinema.

The shooting of Rajkumar will start in the second week of July 2022. 90 percent of the film will be shot in America. In addition to the photogenic locations of New York and Miami Beach, a number of American cities have been included in the shooting schedule. Bollywood and American artisans will work as film technicians from the beginning.

Finding Heroine for Rajkumar

The task of finding a new but talented actress was given to a professional casting agency in New York. First, they give a list of 87 participants. Initially, 40 out of them were called for an audition after seeing their profiles. 10 candidates were kept through the audition again.

The top three were selected out of those 10. After the evaluation of acting, look, and dance, the brown-eyed blonde Courtney Coffey was finalized.

US Actress as a Co-Artist of Shakib Khan

The main attraction of the movie is the actress who starred in the lead role. She is Courtney Coffey, a new American actress. Growing up on Long Island in New York, Coffey is a well-known face in the local theater. Her theatrical works include Midsummer Night's Dream and Jury Duty the Musical.

She is currently in her final year of studies at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater in New York City. Prior to that, she studied Film at Hofstra University in 2015.

Coffey starred in the American short films titled 'The Debate (2020)', and 'Revenging Angels Cull the Herd (2020)', and 'The Storm (2021)'.

Coffey prefers to introduce herself as a producer. She was a co-producer of a short film titled 'Summer in the City'. She has also worked as a co-producer in a number of advertising agencies. Moreover, she also wrote various analytical articles on films and women.

Planning for Rajkumar Film Distribution

Apart from the movie theaters in Bangladesh, the release of Rajkumar is being planned in various countries around the world including America, London, the Middle East, Canada, and India. About one hundred and fifty American cinema halls have been targeted for the screening of this film.

Bottom Line

Shakib Khan's new cinema Rajkumar is raising expectations for a great movie experience. Undoubtedly Shakib Khan is a groundbreaking actor. Now, it is just time to watch how far this film can go to keep pace with world-class films.

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