Enayetullah Khan, Editor-in-Chief of United News of Bangladesh and Dhaka Courier, and founder of Cosmos Group, has joined the National University of Singapore's Medicine International Council (NIC) as a Distinguished Council Member.

Kishore Mahbubani, Chairman of the NUS Medicine International Council, has extended the invitation to Enayetullah Khan.

The NIC is an exclusive network of international leaders, academics, and experts who not only help address the greatest challenges in healthcare, public health policy, population studies, and ground-breaking research in cancer, diabetes, and other chronic diseases but also identify promising opportunities and innovations across multi-disciplinary areas, including information technology, engineering, computing, social sciences, and medicine.

In his letter to Enayetullah Khan, Mahbubani said, "We are delighted that you have accepted our invitation to join the NUS Medicine International Council. Given your long and distinguished career, I have no doubt that you will make a significant contribution to the work of the Council. I share your confidence that by pooling our efforts together, we can bring health and happiness to the global community."

Mahbubani also mentioned, "If there is one big lesson that we should learn from Covid-19, it is that public policy makes a huge difference in the field of medicine. Why did 500,000 people die in the US (a rate of 1,543 per million)? Why did far fewer people (a rate of 5 per million), die in New Zealand, also a western democracy? The answers are complex but one clear difference was that the quality of public policies implemented by New Zealand in response to Covid-19 were superior."

Extending his gratitude to Khan for joining the NIC, he added, "Our recent experiences with Covid-19 have sent us a clear message: good public policies in medicine save lives. Hence, I hope that when this professorship is established, it will also result in research that will save even more lives in the future."

NIC members are recognised for their service and scope of generosity to medical research and development and are actively engaged as the NUS Medical School's ambassadors to the wider world. This distinguished group of men and women includes leaders in government, business, finance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, law, and other fields from around the world.

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