To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Bangladeshi alternative rock band Shironamhin wants to give their fans an experience of a lifetime at the upcoming gala concert "The Only Headliner" on May 26.

At the ICCB Bashundhara Expo Zone in the capital, the concert will also feature the world-famous Mumbai Symphony Orchestra and some of the legendary and iconic superstars from other popular Bangladeshi bands.

Shironamhin announced their celebration plans - year-long event schedules - in collaboration with marketing communication agency Brandmyth Experiential Wednesday.

"As part of our celebrations, we will collaborate with the world-famous Mumbai Symphony Orchestra. We feel proud to be the first Bangladeshi band to perform with an orchestra," Shironamhin leader and multi-instrumentalist Ziaur Rahman said.

Kazi Ahmed Shafin, Shironamhin's drummer-flutist-sarod player, said: "We had to put so much energy and effort into this project in the last six months and want to assure you that after the concert, the audience will leave the venue with an unforgettable experience."

Brandmyth Experiential said this is going to be one of the biggest budget concerts in the history of Bangladesh. "The best sound, stage, lights and other equipment from home and abroad will be used in the concert."

Due to its fourth-generation LED mapping, the visualisation at the concert will be different from all others.

Two types of tickets, ranging from Tk699 (regular) and Tk1499 (VIP), will be unveiled soon for the concert.

"As we want our fans - mostly students and middle-class, urban rock fans - to enjoy the event, we tried to lower the price as much as we could," Ziaur said.

Shironamhin started their journey on April 14, 1996, with the album "Jahaji."

The current lineup of Shironamhin consists of Ziaur (songwriter, composer, bass, cello, sarod), Shafin (drums, sarod, flute), Diat Khan (lead guitar), Sheikh Ishtiaque (vocals) and Rashel Kabir (keyboards).

The band will release their sixth album "Perfume" very soon, and the title track will be performed live at the upcoming concert for the first time.

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