First Bangladeshi cartoonists’ sticker on Facebook


On the eve of Bangla New Year 1425, Facebook has released the first Bangladeshi cartoonists’ special stickers made of a character ‘Drogo’, a little creature.

The cartoonist twin - Manik and Ratan - has introduced the character “Play with Drogo” to the internet world.

The special sticker set of 20 is available in Facebook Sticker Store since April 14, says the Facebook Sticker division on its social network page.

Drogo is a fictional mascot of Bangladeshi twin cartoonists Manik and Ratan. Drogo is so small as to fit in the palm of one hand. It is a dragon with the appearance of a ‘Godzilla puppy’.

“Meet Drogo and watch this little creature interact in your world, messages and comments,” says the Facebook.

“Get Drogo and start sending this new Facebook Stickers package today,” says the social media giant.

This little dragon sleeps in the hands of a friend, plays football, leaves a surprise gift, shows a romantic heart, celebrate a birthday and more.

One of the cartoonist brothers Manik shared his excitement with UNB saying, “We are very delighted when we see the stickers are being used by the surfers around the world.”

“Drogo is our pet dragon,” Manik said adding, “Around two years back, the idea of creating a pet character struck us and instantly we made it on the board,” Manik said.

At first Drogo was shared in Instagram and it drew huge praises from the audience, he added.

When asked about how and when Facebook expressed their interest to use Drogo as their approved character, Manik told this reporter, “Last year, we received a special mail from Facebook’s sticker department appreciating the character. Showing great interest, they asked us to create an entire set of stickers.”

So, they have prepared a set of stickers and handed over to Facebook, he added.

On the occasion of worldwide launching, ‘Manik N Ratan’ on their social media page said, “After the long development process, Facebook has finally opened Drogo to hundreds of users around the world.”

Facebook users can now express their emotions using the Drogo stickers, Manik said adding, “These stickers can be used while chatting in Facebook Messenger. Besides, surfers can express their feeling using Drogo in Facebook comments or posters.”

While asked about the future plan, they said, “We are now planning to make short animation films based on Drogo.”

Nowadays, people use animated characters and stickers instead of writing while expressing feeling. There are many stickers in Facebook Messenger Store but Drogo is the first made by any Bangladeshi artist.

As Facebook accepts Drogo, people from all around the world will now know Bangladesh.

Facebook Stickers program aims to empower people with a way to express their individuality and make connections through visual art.

People today love texting so much that it becomes one of the most favorite means of communication. People often use stickers to express their feeling or simply because they don’t know what to say while chatting through messenger.

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