'Preema Donna - An Infinite Journey', a book by prominent Bangladeshi visual artist and painter Nazia Andaleeb Preema, was unveiled at a city hotel Saturday.

Bangla Academy President and National Professor Dr Anisuzzaman alongside celebrated artists, academicians and other important figures appeared at the launch event arranged by Cosmos Books and Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF).

Dr Anisuzzaman congratulated Nazia Andaleeb Preema on her journey in the country's art and craft sector reaching 25th year.

"The book shows that she has a mind of her own and she's very conscious about it...She's also socially conscious particularly about the fate of women in our part of the world," he said.

He mentioned that the culmination of her concerns for herself and the women of the country is a vital element. "The combination of both makes her a very important public socially," he said.

Dr Anisuzzaman spoke about Preema's feats across the world and congratulated her again.

"I think her (Preema) work of art has already been recognised both at home and abroad and she has successfully carried the flag of Bangladesh...I wish for her to continue her journey," he said.

Cosmos Books Director Nahar Khan said Cosmos Books has been publishing retrospectives of leading artists of the country for the past few years.

"Preema, with her book today, becomes the latest in the series. As the name of the book suggests she has reached beyond art...In recent times her passion for women's aspirations in Bangladesh has seen her establishing a grooming house for women in leadership positions," she said.

Nahar Khan added that Preema's identity is a terrific artist first and foremost.

"Her (Preema) groundbreaking live art performances confirmed her diversity and versatility as an artist...It is difficult to know which to prefer between her performance art pieces and her paintings," she said.

Cosmos Books Director further said that the publishing house is proud to be associated with such a remarkable artist like Preema through its production.

Nazia Andaleeb Preema spoke about her journey as a performance artist.

"Performance art suits me so well because I've been performing all the time and it totally justifies why I am a performance artist," she said.

She mentioned that every artist should focus on the documentation of their work.

"At some point, you will miss that amazing creativity that you project but it's not there so please document them properly. This book is nothing but that documentation," she said.

Preema also spoke about the gender representation in the art industry and why she focuses on women in delivering her performances.

"I think that women are so important for my art, for my passion and for my journey because as a woman it is not an easy journey, not all over the world, not in our society," she said.

She urged everyone to encourage women to strengthen their creative force and pledged to work for them.

Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF) Founder and Managing Director Shariful Islam, Mutual Trust Bank Limited Managing Director and CEO Anis A Khan, Indigenous artist Kanak Chanpa Chakma, and AB Bank Chairman M Rumee Ali also spoke at the programme.

Published and produced by Cosmos Books, 'Preema Donna - An Infinite Journey' had its foreword written by National Professor Dr Anisuzzaman.

The book, divided into five chapters, depicts Preema's artistic journey of two decades. It also illustrates Preema's brave approach of aesthetical vision that depicts her philosophy of context.

Preema graduated from Dhaka University with a Masters of Fine Arts degree in drawing and painting.

She represented Bangladesh at La Biennale di Venezia this year.

Preema has won various awards, along with the BASIS award in the Visual Arts category and Anannya award for being an outstanding woman in the creative field.

She is currently working as the Creative Director of Bangladesh Brand Forum. She is also the President of Women in Leadership.

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