In conversation with the Executive Marketing Director of OPPO Bangladesh

Just within a few years, Chinese technology brand OPPO has developed a loyal fanbase in Bangladesh, and the credit certainly goes to its unique range of smartphones. The brand has been making progress under the leadership of Liu Feng, the Executive Marketing Director of OPPO Bangladesh. As a marketing expert with years of hands-on experience, Liu Feng is at the pole position of developing OPPO's brand values to ensure the effectiveness of product marketing campaigns and leading the team to new heights through his research, analysis and insights. Liu Feng recently opened up and talked about different aspects of OPPO Bangladesh, for the readers of Dhaka Courier.

The uniqueness of Oppo

OPPO earned its position as a leading global smart device brand just within a few years, and consumers often specify their love for the brand for its uniqueness and inventory approaches. About the uniqueness, Liu Feng said: "Our mission is to let our extraordinary users enjoy the beauty of technology. We strive to be a sustainable company that contributes to a better world by leveraging life through technological amenities and innovations. Our core four values - Benfen, User-led, aim for perfection and Goal Oriented - always remind us to accept future challenges and contribute to make a better world. These values inspire us to long for uniqueness and strive for quality products. All OPPO employees, starting from research and development to supply chain and production process, think very seriously about the quality issues. This is how, OPPO maintains the quality."

Speaking on the quality maintenance, Liu Feng elaborated: "We strive to deliver the best experience for our customers, no matter wherever they are in the world. We dedicated our heart and soul into developing smartphones, and these phones always get tested for durability through a series of rigorous tests. For instance, our newly launched A95 from our popular A series has been through our Charging Safety Test that uses software to automatically stop charging when the battery reaches its temperature limit. With this combined hardware-software solution, users are protected from potential danger caused by their battery overheating. We've put A95 through what's called a Core Heat Test by burning the fireproof inner lining of the cover and checking if it ignites. Moreover, we also want to keep the phone looking its best, stylish at all times. After 96 hours of exposure to UV light in a UV radiation test, A95's back cover showed no signs of color change. For rubbing tests, we used materials such as steel wool, rubber, and flannel. After the test, the back cover also showed no visible scratches or marks, proving A95s toughness when it comes to everyday wear and tear. We've also dropped the phone 28,000 times to make sure it can survive most accidental drops and falls. After being pressed 500,000 times, the power button also remains intact, functional and without physical damage. A95 was also put through 14-day high temperature and high humidity tests and 150 temperature shock tests in extreme temperatures conditions. OPPO A95 passed all these tests with flying colors, meaning that the quality of this is beyond question."

Talking about the 'A Series' product positioning and its differences from other OPPO product series, Feng said, "Compared to other OPPO product series, OPPO A series aims to make innovative technology more accessible, offering users a smartphone that keeps up with their active social lives and makes life more fun. The recently-launched OPPO A95 balances high performance with stylish design, empowering users to get more out of life and live each day in style."

"Our A95 is perfect for young, adventurous dream-chasers who are particular about style and willing to embrace the latest technology. Our user can enjoy the best screen in this price range with A95 and flaunt with our famous Reno Glow craft on an affordable phone. This is a good value smartphone for capturing all of life's memorable moments, immersing themselves in entertainment, and staying on top of their social life," Feng added.

Elaborating on the lucrative features of A95 for its target consumers, Feng said: "Let me introduce the unique design first. We call it the 'Reno Glow' that has been optimized on our flagship Reno Series for several generations, however, now our users can get this technology on A95 as well. The unique patented craftsmanship creates a glossy finish and a matte texture, assuring that the users don't have to worry about any spot or tear as well as A95 is fingerprint-resistant, scratch-resistant design. The device crams an under-display fingerprint scanner with 6.43 inch Amoled Display 90.8% Screen to Body ratio which is pretty impressive. It features a large 5000mAh battery and 33W Flash Charge, that can charge the phone to full capacity in just 72 minutes. Only 5-minute charging is enough to ensure 1.8 hours of YouTube video viewing and 5.7 hours of voice calls. It is also equipped with 8GB RAM+128GB ROM along with OPPO-developed RAM Expansion technology. OPPO A95 comes with a 48MP Triple-camera set-up together with AI-supported features to capture beautiful snaps. With 16MP front camera and OPPO's AI Beautification and Front Night Mode features, selfie lovers can easily take more defined and detailed selfies. For video lovers, this phone is facilitated with a series of exciting features such as Steady Video, SLO-MO and SoLoop, enabling the users to record every treasured moment of their lives. There is also ColorOS 11.1 to ensure enhanced productivity, entertainment through FlexDrop, Hyper Boost technology, and Game Assistant, Game Focus Mode and Bullet Notifications for ensuring an immersive gaming experience for gaming lovers with powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™️ 662 engine.

Regarding OPPO's dedicated approach towards quality factors, Liu Feng said: "OPPO believes that technology is meant for the betterment of our consumers. Driven by an afflatus sourced from our belief that 'Technology for the mankind', we always try to ensure quality by adhering to maximum quality standards. That's why, whenever we manufacture any smartphone, it goes through a number of durability tests to ensure that whatever we are producing turns out to be emblem of uncompromising quality. Quality along with innovation and exploration are at the heart of our DNA. We extract inspiration from a thirst of exploring the best-quality products for our users.

Describing about OPPO's innovations and approach towards innovation, he said. "OPPO has many research centers around the world. Around more than 40,000 employees are working at OPPO and making contributions on technological and innovation fronts to create a smarter and better life for people across the world. Since 2019, we have invested 10 billion RMB ($1.4 billion) in technological innovations to give only the cutting-edge technology and top-notch features to our smartphone users. Today our products enhance the lives of more than 300 million people worldwide. We have developed ColorOS based on Android to enhance user experience and we have over 370 million monthly active users around the globe. ColorOS enables A95 to use FlexDrop, App Lock. The system has been translated into more than 72 languages and is being promoted and used in over 140 countries worldwide. OPPO has also come up with VOOC charging technology and patented it for OPPO customers. As of June 2021, OPPO has over 195 million flash charge users worldwide, applied for more than 3,000 flash charge-related patents worldwide and owns over 1,500 granted patents. Even in the days to come, OPPO will keep plowing back its revenue into research to strive for technological innovations and supremacy.

About OPPO's plans for Bangladesh for the next 4-5 months, Liu Feng said: "The smartphone industry is promptly changing as the pattern of necessities of the users has changed due to the pandemic. We hope to stand out from the competition with our high quality product and service assurance. On the other hand, we are staying close to our users, constantly listening to their needs and adjust our product portfolio to offer the best choices in place. That's way we celebrate our monuments every year in December with the O Fans Festival, giving back to our loyal fans. We believe in a prosperous future for Bangladesh. By helping to promote digital inclusion and support the delivery of essential services, OPPO is trying to make a vital contribution to the economy. OPPO has established a unified system and is gearing up to launch more high-end smartphones, IoT and accessories with a view to empowering users to live a smart life.

"OPPO is a consumer driven brand. So our every initiative is for our customer and we try to give our best to make their experience good. Such as O'FANS festival. Like every year we have announced this year's festival as well. Where upon purchasing OPPO Reno6, OPPO F19 Pro, OPPO F19, OPPO A95, OPPO A54 and OPPO A16 - during the fest, the customer can get the chance to take part in a lucky draw. The selected winners will get attractive prizes including OPPO Band Style, OPPO Enco W11, OPPO Enco M31 and free data bundle offer. However, interested people buying OPPO A16 will have the opportunity to win back a cashback of BDT 500-5,000 and O'Fans membership card, with which they can enjoy 10 per cent discount on after sales service. Including many more aftersales service. The cherry on the top is the chance to have a breathtaking pristine nature experience at The Palace Luxury Resort located in Sylhet."

With all of its unique range of smartphones and accessories, OPPO aspires to maintain its leading position in Bangladesh for the foreseeable future, Feng concluded with high hopes.

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