Noazesh Knowledge Centre (an initiative of WildTeam) is hosting a five-day training workshop on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at NKC premises in Cosmos Centre, 69/1, New Circular Road, Malibagh, Dhaka 1217. The training workshop has started at 10 am today and will end at 30th November, 2019. Alice Hughes and Nasir Uddin from Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences will be facilitating the workshop.

Today was the first day of the workshop. Participants from various universities and conservation organizations like University of Dhaka, Sylhet University of Science and technology (SUST), Jagannath University, Bangladesh Forest Department, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) etc. are attending the workshop.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is vital for environment and ecosystem related research, prediction on species distribution, quality of soil type, climate type, range mapping, species distribution Modelling (SDM) and other research activities. It is also vital for disease distribution, epidemiological study and predictive approaches to project species distributions under changing conditions.

GIS is very useful and popular tool among researcher and conservationists for wildlife and habitat monitoring, effective conservation planning and implementation and to understand the forest coverage, forest depletion, wildlife status etc. for better management. This training program will help the participants to discover the diverse use of GIS data, spatial data analysis, mapping, decision making, planning and other applications of GIS.

Noazesh Knowledge Centre (NKC) is an initiative of WildTeam. NKC has been actively working with a mission to build conservation skills among young biologists and conservationists for an improved understanding on wildlife, their habitat and the surrounding ecosystems of Bangladesh. It regularly arranges training workshops and awareness raising activities to enhance the skill of future conservationists and practitioners.

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