The police headquarter has said that the Inspector General, Benazir Ahmed, will not travel to Germany until the previous government order is 'rectified'.

According to the police headquarters, the government order which was issued on February 7, 2022, 'unintentionally' expressed that the police chief would travel to Germany to buy home textile items for police members. Actually, he was ordered to travel to Germany to check the quality of the colour of the products- 100,000 pieces of double-size bedsheets with pillow covers.

As per the government order dated February 7, 2022, Benazir would travel to Germany sometime in February along with Firoz Uddin Khalifa, Deputy Secretary, Public Security Division, Ministry of Home Affairs, and Masud Alam, Superintend of Police. The government order said that these three will participate in the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of the bedsheets before the final shipment to Bangladesh.

While talking to the media about this tour, Mahbubul Alam Majumder, the deputy secretary of the Home Ministry, who signed the government order for the same, said: "I issued this later after being ordered from the high level of the government. I'm not sure whether they got the visa or not, and I'm not sure about when they planned to tour."

He was unable to reveal why the police department is collecting home textile items like bedsheets and pillow covers from Germany when these products are available in Bangladesh at a lower cost and a world-class quality.

"I'm not sure what my role in this tour," Firoz Uddin Khalifa, who is among three persons are due to travel to Germany. "I just received a letter. I'm yet to apply for the visa for Germany, and I'm not sure whether I travel to Germany or not," he said to a Germany-based newsbrand.

"We are not importing any product from Germany," Kamruzzaman, the assistant inspector general of police's media and public relations, said to the Dhaka Courier on Saturday. "The bedsheets and other products will be produced in Bangladesh. But the company that will produce these will import materials from Germany. So the police chief was about to tour Germany to check the quality of the materials. But he will not tour until the government order is rectified."

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