Hello fans and cricket lovers. Now that the World cup is on and going to the semis, we are on the right track. Everybody is talking about me which is very nice. Mirpur is full of history and culture not to mention fuchkas and of course the great cricket stadium. It's our greatest achievement after the Liberation War in which we defeated Pakistan. It's here that we beat Australia and New Zealand too. In terms of status, it's next to the Smriti Stombho at Savar and the Shaeed Minar. I know, I know it's a great honour but how else can you deal with the great history at Mirpur which the national team achieved over Australia and New Zealand B/C/D squads?

Thanks you for cheering.

World Cup and Mirpur

The WC has been a source of great joy to many and we have seen many dancing on the street out of happiness because we have gone to play there. However, some have expressed negative feelings about this and that has brought up the question about the anti-Mirpur sentiment in the country. Some people don't like Bangladesh winning so they were very unhappy when the matches were held at Mirpur. They are feeling much better now that the team has lost every match at the World Cup. This is not sad but we are making a list and soon action will be taken.

Two things need to be clarified. First, the Aus and NZ series had nothing to do with the World Cup. They were not preparatory series leading to the Cup. It was a stand-alone for both sides. ICC had made these declarations and the member countries had to send their teams. I mean who wants to send their best to Bangladesh?

So those who came deserved the pitches they got. Nobody would risk their best so they sent their worst. So they got what was coming. The rest is all talk.

But the more important point is the lack of victories, at home and abroad, in cricket. It had eaten into our soul and Mirpur was a wonderful relief. We had never won a series against Australia, and New Zealand embarrassed us when we went there earlier in the year. Say what you will - Mirpur delivered. We took advantage of the situation and did everyone a favour. It cheered our lives in bad days and made us feel bigger than we were for a few days. You don't want that?

Can we only win at Mirpur?

I think yes given our quality and capacity. We can beat Zimbabwe and maybe a few others (Do Zambia have a team?) but as the Scotland defeat shows, we may not be getting better while other teams are. I mean just look at Namibia, which played so well at the WC. Though it's been beaten like us, it plays with its heads high. And look at us playing and our heads are down, and that is a big difference. We are afraid and they are not.

The point is, others are improving much more rapidly in the game while we are developing much more in money-making. Very few players get the kind of money and benefits like our stars do, but they are busy making more - not cricket. Tell me honestly, how many senior batsmen would play that scoop or reverse sweep again and again, even when it's getting you out?

Why are you all blaming my good conditions when your mental condition is so bad? Yes, it's true, if you are at this playing level, you can win only at Mirpur - and provided I'm helpful! - against B/C teams. Face it please.

So losing is good?

Losing isn't good but you got to improve till you can be at par and I don't think you are there yet. I mean OK, you thought you were there and so are feeling bad but tell me when were you good at cricket? You are not good at anything so why do you suddenly want to get better in cricket at the global level? Isn't that too much to ask? You have pots of money, your players are all well off and you can always say you are fantastic and a media is there which is ready to say things like you are the best. So what more do you want?

Have you asked why the media talks like this? Why do they create hype when they know our national team is not good? That's because they also don't know how to be good sports journalists. So they say what people want to hear. And people want to hear fiction because they are a bit short on reality.

What we did at Mirpur was create a positive environment where Bangladesh could win against low grade versions of big teams, who will never come anyway. I gave you pleasure and you are making fun of me. See how ungrateful you all are. I never said I am any different from what I am. A low, slow, lifeless, spin-friendly, sticky wicket on which the teams which defeated you at Sharjah lost. And that is bad?

Face it, you are so inept, at least no one will accuse you of match fixing.

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