Theatre Art Unit's new drama 'Shutay Shutay Hanna O Shapla' is travelling to Sweden. It was staged at Frie Tree Turn Hall, Stockholm on May 10 and 11. The drama was premiered on April 26 at Mahila Samity Auditorium, Baily Road in the city. It was staged in Stockholm as part of cultural exchange programme between Sweden and Bangladesh. Swedish troupe Sandrabells Opera has invited Theatre Art Unit to stage their newest drama. It will be presented in Bangla with an English translator present. It has been directed by Rokeya Rafiq Baby and written by her daughter Anika Mahin. Team behind the drama would also take part in a workshop and a seminar titled 'Women in Theatre' during their Stockholm tour.

The drama is about two women living in two opposite parts of the world. Hannah is a seamstress born in twentieth century Sweden while Shapla is a Bangladeshi garments worker. Though both have passed away, the drama holds dialogues between their departed souls. Sangeeta Chowdhury plays as Hanna while Mitali Das as Shapla in the play.

The play starts with Pala music. Hanna is seen onstage as a jubilant young girl dreaming about mountains and lakes. Then the Pala suddenly changes tune hinting at the appearance of Shapla with her story about ordeals of women garment workers in underdeveloped Bangladesh and thus starts a new story. Director of the drama, Rokeya is happy that she and her team are getting to represent Bangladeshi theatre at the global stage.

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