Khijir Hayat Khan’s film coming on Nov 16


Khijir Hayat Khan’s comeback film Mr Bangladesh will be released on November 16. Directed by Abu Akhter Ul Iman the film is about the misuse of Islam for wreaking havoc. Central to the film is the spirit of Islam and its use to thwart extremism in the name of religion. On November 4 the trailer of the film was released.

Khijir Hayat has produced the film and also acted in the lead role. He has also co-written the script and the screenplay with Hasnat Piyas. He entered the film industry in 2007 as director of the film “Ostitte Amar Desh” based on Bir Shrestha Matiur Rahman. His second film Jaago, released in 2010, is the first and to date the only Bangladeshi film focusing on sports.

The trailer of Mr Bangladesh starts with a verse from the Chapter- Al-Ma’idah of Holy Quran. The verse relates to how entire humankind can be massacred by the killing of just one innocent human being and conversely how the same humankind can be saved by the saving of just one innocent person’s life. Then the filmmakers pay tribute to those who died in the Holey Artisan Terror Attack. Khijir Hayat Khan claims that one of his close acquaintances was among the misled killers in the attack.

The film also casts Shanu, Tiger Roby, Merian etc. In the film a man wearing the flag of Bangladesh goes on a mission in the name of Islam to vanquish those who incite terror in the name of Islam. Earlier, his family was murdered for his participation in anti-extremist movements. n

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  • Khijir Hayat Khan’s film coming on Nov 16

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