In order to create global opinion about the Rohingyas fleeing to Bangladesh from Burmese torture, rape, genocide and eviction campaign in Myanmar's Rakhine region, Edge Hill University of UK organized the photo exhibition titled 'Who are the New Boat People?'. On Friday (June 1), local time at 6.30 pm, the exhibition was inaugurated by Vice-Chancellor of Edge Hill University. The exhibition will continue till June 14. The main event on Rohingya was on Friday 1 June at the Arts Centre of the university which was coordinated by Dr Tasleem Shakur, Senior Lecturer Human Geography and Editor South Asian Cultural Studies at the same university. In the panel discussion, the speakers called on all governments particularly the big world powers to force Myanmar government to resettle the refugees and take them to trials for their inhuman crimes against the Rohingyas. They also urged for the discarding of Myanmar leader's Nobel Prize.

The speakers also said that what Myanmar has done is a big crime like human rights violations and therefore they have to pay for the damages. Myanmar will have to stand in international court. Criminals will have to be judged. Persons with oppressed, helpless Rohingyas will have to take responsibility. Discussion was attended by BBC Senior Journalist Rahila Banu, Deutsche Welle Journalist Nazmun Nessa Piari, Being founder members Mabrur Ahmed and Rahima Begum and Rohingyas living in Broadford Deen Mohammad. The local people and diasporic Bangalees were also present. At the end of the discussion, guests visited the exhibition and praised the photographer Fojit Sheikh Babu. The event was conducted by Dr Tasleem Shakur.

The photography exhibition was inaugurated on June 1 at Arts Centre of Edge Hill University, Liverpool, UK and will continue till June 14.n

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