Elma Siddiqui, daughter of late folk maestro Bari Siddiqui has debuted in the country's music industry. She will be beginning with two songs and a music video. The songs have been written by Shahidullah Farayezi. One of the two songs Barudmakha Ghore has been composed by Kumar Biswajit and directed by Kishore. The other song "Ami Ki Arr" has been composed by Plaban Qureshi and Pankaj. The songs are folk in genre.

Elma has decided to settle down in this country. She had been away in London to complete her graduation. Now she is looking to extend her foothold in music industry. She got inspiration for music from Bari Siddiqui himself. She could easily adopt the music of Bari Siddiqui into her own voice. On the occasion of her first album she became nostalgic for her father. Bari Siddiqui according to her was personally involved with the project. The planning started in 2012 but both the daughter and the father took time. Though time passed by Elma did not push her father, seeing him busy in his work. Finally the album has come out, but only after Bari Siddiqui's death. Elma cannot accept it easily, she wished for the presence of her father.

Though she has started with folk, Elma is open to all kinds of songs; good songs are her only priority. n

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