Bangla Five’s debut album ‘Confusion’


New rock band Bangla Five has recently released their debut album “Confusion”.  The album release ceremony was held on Selim Al Deen Muktomancha, Jahangirnagar University (JU). Noted rock musician Mac Haque from the band Maqsood O’ dHAKA was present during the launch event. The launching took place as part of the closing ceremony of three-day-long Heem Utshob at JU. Among the thirty bands performed----- ‘Shohortoli’, ‘Krishnapakkha’ and ‘Obantor’.

Bangla Five’s new music video titled

“Mone Koro” from the upcoming album was also screened at the launching event. The video has been directed by Karishma Choudhury. The music video was also released on the band’s official YouTube channel ‘Sina Hasan and Bangla Five’.

Though the journey of Bangla Five started in 2016 independent musician Sina Hasan formed the band officially about two year ago. Sina Hasan is on vocal, guitar and Harmonica. Ahnaf Khan Anik is on the lead Guitar, Mehedi Hasan on Drums and Rafin Mahmub on bass. Lyric plays the lead role in the music of this band. The themes that can be found in their lyrics deal with self-contradiction, binary opposition of human mind, contemporary socio cultural scenarios and post-colonial experiences.

Besides regular stage performances in Bangladesh, they also have performed in India and Nepal. They will also play in album promotion concert at Jadavpur University on February organised by Cafe Kabira.

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  • Bangla Five’s debut album ‘Confusion’

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