US-based wildlife photographer Scott Trageser's solo exhibition 'Rewilding Bangladesh' commenced on Saturday evening at city's Art Café. Creative Conservation Alliance (CCA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental conservation, arranged the exhibition.

With the vision to inaugurate the ambitious attempt of bringing extinct wildlife back to the forests of Bangladesh- the exhibition is going to portray Scott's journey towards capturing the variegating wildlife of the country.

Creative Conservation Alliance's CEO Shahriar Caesar Rahman was present at the inaugural event, among other wildlife-photograph admirers and journalists.

"The 15 day exhibition is going to exhibit images beyond that of any wildlife photography previously exhibited in Bangladesh. Through Scott's lens, stories of the life and death of Bangladesh's unique wildlife will be told and be accompanied by his documentation of the eight years of CCA's intriguing work to save it", said by Caesar.

The star of this solo-exhibition, award winning photographer Scott Trageser said "Striking wildlife imagery is a cornerstone of modern conservation, as it has the power to evoke appreciation for our imperiled ecosystems. This exhibition is intended to support the existing wildlife and people living around it in Bangladesh."

The exhibition will remain open for all till 27th July, daily 9 am to 11 pm at Gulshan Avenue's Art Café.

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