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To the Choco - Chaa Lovers Out there!


Since childhood, I was fascinated by few usual and unusual food items. For example, I was crazy about Fuji Noodles (only the 80’s kids might remember this), Milk Tea aka Dudh Chaa and Tang. Unlike most of the kids, I was never much into chocolate. There used to be many lying in the refrigerator but I never eyed those. As I grew older, I somehow developed my liking for it, especially dark chocolate. Of course I like the usual ones but I am quite particular about those. My only constant craving since childhood is Milk Tea. I have been trying to get rid of this obsession but badly failed to do so.

The first time I heard of the drink ‘Chocolate Chaa’ was back in the year 2016 in Peyala Café. Being both a chocolate and chaa lover by then, I was quite fascinated to order it. It was simply a Chaa with a hint of the chocolate flavour. It was alright and I wouldn’t mind ordering it once a while.

Chocolate Chaa from Peyala Café

Recently, during my vacation in Kolkata, I came across this very pretty tea stall named TRIPTI Café outside the Rabindra Sarobar metro station. They serve more than 20 types of tea starting from Milk Tea to Chili Tea. What caught my attention was the Chocolate Lassi.


I liked the presentation. The best part was that it was neither too sweet nor too chocolaty which is a plus point for the ones who don’t like much sweet in their drinks/desserts. But I wish it was served a bit cold.

Chocolate Lassi

Being a tea addict, I had to drink the Chocolate Chai. Adding chocolate chips to the Chocolate Chai made it taste different than the one in Peyala Café. I would definitely visit TRIPTI Café again to drink this tea.

Chocolate Chai

When in Kolkata, I would recommend all the chocolate and chaa lovers like me to try out this Café. Good value for money.

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  • To the Choco - Chaa Lovers Out there!
  • Issue 36
  • Vol 35
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