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Redoan Rony releases new short film ‘Mission Excellence’


Noted Bangladeshi film director Redoan Rony has made a new short film titled 'Mission Excellence'. For assuring the safety of sea border and peace on the internal part of the country, the heroic mission directed by Bangladesh Navy has been projected through the film. Commander Ariful Haque and Siddiqur Rahman are the story writers of 'Mission Excellence'. On September 19, the film was telecasted on BTV.

The director said, 'We had to shot the scenes against the vigorous nature of the sea. I hope the audience will enjoy the depiction of thrilling mission conducted by the navy soldiers in the film.'

The duration of the short film is 48 minutes. 'Mission excellence' will also be aired on some other TV channels apart from BTV.

Redoan Rony's debut film 'Chorabali', released in 2012, won National Film Fare Award of Bangladesh in five categories. Then he made his second feature film named 'Ice cream' in 2016. He also made popular TV series like 'House Full', 'FNF' and more than Hundred of TV Fictions like 'Urojahaz', 'Ucchotor Sharirik Biggan', 'Proof Reader', 'U Turn' and more.

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  • Redoan Rony releases new short film ‘Mission Excellence’

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