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Poet Muhammad Samad gets ‘The Prizes 2018: The International Best Poet’


Dr. Muhammad Samad, poet cum Pro Vice- Chancellor of the University of Dhaka, got ‘The Prizes 2018: The International Best Poet’ award, announced by The International Poetry Translation and Research Centre (IPTRC) of China, Greek Academy of Arts and Letters and The Journal of the World Poets Quarterly. He received the award from Miz In Xiaohua, a delegate of IPTRC cum the teacher of China’s Electronic Science and Technology University, on January 25 at his office. Altaf Hossain, PhD researcher at Electronic Science and Technology University and also the spouse of Miz In Xiaohua, was also present at the award giving session.

Dr. Muhammad Samad, one of the prolific poets of Bengali literature, has authored nearly twenty books of poetry, translation and social sciences. Samad was born in 1956 at Sharishabari in Jamalpur district. He started writing poetry in his school days. He is one of the distinguished poets who attained recognition in the '70s. His writings foray into romanticism, nature and patriotism. His style is outspoken and bold.

The first collection of his verses, ‘Ekjon Rajnaitik Netar Manifesto’, was published in 1983 and won the Tribhuj Literary Award. Other published books by Samad are ‘Aami Noi Indrajit Megher Araley’, ‘Porabey Chandan Kath’, ‘Cholo, Tumul Brishtitey Bhiji’, ‘Sharater Akashey Purnima’ and ‘Premer Kobita’.

At present, Samad is the Professor at the Institute of Social Welfare and Research, Dhaka University. Currently, he is the chairman of National Poetry Council, Bangladesh. So far, for the invaluable contribution in poetry and Bengali literature, he has received many honorary awards namely ‘Syed Mujtaba Ali Shahitto Puroshkar’, ‘Kabi Sukanta Shahitto Puroshkar’, ‘Kabi Jibanananda Das Puroshkar’, ‘Kabi Jasimuddin Shahitto Puroshkar’, ‘Kabi Bishnu Dey Puroshkar’ and many more.

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