Bappa Mazumder and Shusmita Anis have collaborated for a new melodious duet titled "Megher Chithi". The song has been written by Shahan Kabandha and composed by Bappa Mazumder. It was launched officially at a city hotel. Along with the crew members behind the song and the music video other notable figures of music arena like Shafin Ahmed, Hamin Ahmed, Elita Karim, Mahadi, Arnob, Minar, director Ashfaq Nipun and more were present at the launching event.

Amjad Hossain Bari has mixed sound for the song while Tanvir Khan had directed the music video. Almost all the musicians present at the launching event praised the song and music video. They said that the song has been composed with a unique touch having regards for the singer Shusmita Anis, which is not common for Bappa. Bappa on his part said in this case that the singing of Shusmita tends to be adoring and caring. Thus he has had to alter his composition styles to best suit the voice and singing style of Shusmita Anis. He left the entire song at the behest of Shusmita to record it whenever she finds it convenient in whichever way possible, as he could rely on Shusmita's sense of music.

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